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"Walk the talk"

ABM is an established organizational development consulting company in the area of World class Excellence Organization Development and High Performance Management Development for the past 20 years. Through our different development programmes and interventions we assist organizations to improve their competitiveness so that they can become world class.

The implementation of relevant interventions empowers the organizations to stretch their capacity as well as capabilities of the different teams within their organizations.

Key interventions could be the establishing of  "Champions for Competitive Improvement" on the shop floor throughout the company or “Executive coaching”  etc that will be used as intervention vehicles to assists organizations to meet their strategic development goals in their pursuit of world class competitiveness.

As Organization Development and High Performance Development Specialists we have assisted a wide variety of organizations in achieving their strategic developmental goals. Client list

World class excellence improves the ability of the organization to provide quality products/services more cost effectively with shorter delivery or turnaround time than their competitors in the related field.


Our vision is to assist our clients to achieve world class excellence through the implementation of competitive improvement development interventions.


To leave a world class excellence footprint in every organization we assist so that each Competitive improvement development intervention planned will contribute to the achieving of visible world class excellence in the organization.

Our Approach

ABM follows a simple integrated approach that involves the different levels of employees in the company and where key strategies are developed to assist the organization to overcome identified constraints in the pursuit of world class competitiveness.

These key strategies are translated into meaningful practical competitiveness improvement interventions and good manufacturing practices that can be implemented throughout the organization i.e. empowering the different Business Units to become "Champions" for competitiveness improvement on the shop floor.

Practical Competitiveness Improvement interventions as part of the Organizational Developmental Strategies can include the following:

  • High Performance management and coaching
  • Implementing Champions for Competitiveness Improvement throughout an organization [CCI]
  • Customized On the job training skills programs
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Interactive Leadership training for the middle management
  • The Business Game for operators
  • Quality / ISO awareness program
  • Productivity awareness program
  • Implementing TQM or ISO Quality Management System

Materials and programs used for the different development interventions are customized and adjusted to meet the objectives of the different interventions in the Competitiveness Improvement Program.

Our programs are interactive and participative in nature to ensure maximum learning and behavioral change and the establishing of new operational and management practices.

Our highly qualified and experienced team consists of different associates that are a specialist in his or her field.

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